XIPS strives to empower manufacturers to quickly deliver next generation smart products. Our embedded subsystem products are designed to address the needs for hardware acceleration applications.



XIPS builds standard and custom subsystems enabling intelligent end product development. With proprietary hardware acceleration architecture and development platform, our solutions offer low-power and high-performance advantages over traditional processor-based systems, ideal for compute offload, analytics and AI applications on edge computing devices.

Proprietary Subsystem Modules

  • Production-ready solutions targeting verticals such as IoT, Mobile and Smart Camera

  • Flexible architecture adaptable to wide range of use cases

  • Module sales or IP licensing for embedded solutions 


Custom Subsystem and ASSP Design Service

  • Develop complete custom solutions for specific applications

  • Turnkey service available from Design to Production​

  • High-volume conversion path for cost and performance improvement




​XIPS is a Hong Kong based technology startup, founded by tech veterans with background in embedded system and programmable logic industries. We enable customers to innovate new class of intelligent products with our subsystem solutions. Our goal is to be the leader of embedded intelligent system enabler. 




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